Un/Settled – conceptions of belonging in response to settler colonial histories

Un/Settled is a multimedia documentary project that explores the social imaginary of whiteness in South Africa . This is the second year of production that will focus on the collection of media and the development of interactive audience engagement strategies. The project captures nuanced ways in which white South Africans imagine their social existence in light of the historical injustices of settler colonialism. The end of Apartheid was signaled by a great gesture of forgiveness and hope. Many white South Africans seem to have taken the release of Mandela and platforms for redemption and healing like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as absolution. This was not absolution. In the last few years, student and workers’ protests have made this narrative – already standing on shaky ground – impossible to accept. #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall have demanded answers of South African institutions. The protests also drew from and triggered debates about race and gender that had not happened on such a nationwide scale before. White people have finally been made to consider what it means to be white in this place and what it means to be born into a privilege impossible to deny. Yet many violently reject these demands . Deep scars remain leaving behind an unsettling feeling of belonging to this place. The project is partially funded by the National Arts Council of South Africa and is a collaboration with writer Olivia Rose Walton.

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