Deforestation in Zambia

Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world with many citizens relying on wood for fuel and timber. Since 2012 I have been travelling to Livingstone to document a pioneering reforestation scheme started by South African social enterprise Greenpop that aims to increase awareness and halt the trend – by running conservation workshops and planting trees. Through their work myself and my husband where introduced to ex-charcoal burner turned tree planter Lloyd Maanyina. He is an inspiring grassroots activist who now runs his own project The Eco Green Foundation.

We have been lucky to work with Lloyd a few times, the first was on a short film Amazing Grace that went on to win numerous international awards including recognition from the UN Forum on Forests and National Geographic.This process inspired us to start our solar powered cinema Sunshine Cinema – showcasing renewable energy while sharing inspiring stories like Lloyd’s. We have also worked with young climate ambassadors in Lusaka through the Agents for Change initiative that partners with The Children’s Radio Foundation. We have met countless Zambians who have devoted their life work to shifting perceptions towards conservation in the face of rampant deforestation.